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For Campers

Being at a camp where you know you belong!


What's a typical day like at camp?

  • Up and at 'em – get prepped for a day of greatness
  • Morning dip-in-the-lake – UBER EXCITED!
  • Breakfast – energy for the day
  • Cabinet de-messification
  • Worship and chapel challenge – fuel up!
  • Learning Elective activity #1
  • Learning Elective option #2
  • Lunch - Good Eats
  • Chill phase with your cabin friends
  • Afternoon Extravagenza (Variety of Electives)
  • Ultimate free time with tuck
  • Fuel your mind with Insights from Above!
  • Dinner – Down the Hatch
  • Big Cross Camp Game
  • Gathering in a northern sunset setting to meet with God
  • Camp-O-Fire of songs, skits and craziness
  • Snack attack
  • Hit the sac and lights OOT!
  • Regale your cabin mates with wacky yet amazing tales of your day
  • ~Repeat~

Terms that you might need to know at camp...

  • S'more – a delicious campfire treat consisting of a roasted melting marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers with chocolate inside. When eaten, campers are likely to want 'some more', so the name has been shortened to reflect this inevitable request.
  • Gopher – a person who arrives at the dining hall 15 minutes prior to a meal to set the table for a meal. During the meal they bring food and refills to the table of people and they clear away the dishes and food at the end of the meal. If anyone at the table needs something, this person will 'go for' it.
  • Tuck - a short form of an Australian or New Zealand word "tucker" meaning 'food' – or in the case of camp - treats and candy which are available from a special store (the tuck shop) at camp. Shirts and hoodies and water bottles and all sorts of other great things are also available in this fabulous boutique.
  • Keewaydin – A large building at camp that houses the area for chapel, the camp office, and the health care centre
  • Gloaming – A word in the song "Fire's Burning" that refers to a specific light condition in the evening sky. Old people get concerned when campers sing 'glowing' instead of "gloaming". Others don't care really.
  • Taps / Nigh – A traditional song sung at the of campfire each night is called "Taps" Within this song is a line that says "God is nigh" and the word "nigh" means 'near' – God is near us.
  • Bucketball – a fun game played only at Camp Kwasind. With it's roots and history deeply imbedded in the older traditional game of "greasy watermelon", the refined bucketball combines the skills of rugby, water polo, basketball and football together in a fast paced game that delights participants and spectators alike.
  • Ed's Alley – a game played at camp that involves rolling a coloured golf ball down a carpeted path to knock an opponents golf balls off their marks.
  • Vespers – a quiet time each evening at camp when campers gather together – perhaps on the dock - and sing a few worship songs, perhaps listen to a testimony, pray, or just sit quietly and reflect on the events of the day
  • The Pebble – The large rock face on the south side of the camp bay on the lake. It is intended to be a joke because the rock is not small – it is very large, but it is called the pebble any ways. Ha ha.


What is your favourite thing at Camp Kwasind? Let us know.