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Camp Sessions

2018 Camp Session Themes & Dates

With some of best and most creative staff, we will be having a new theme each week of our camp program which will be revealed through challenges, activities, meals, worship, chapel, and widegames. Campers will meet new characters and have fun adventures throughout the week!

** There are special discounts and incentives to note at the bottom of this page!

will end on January 7, 2018


All Ages Camp

Celebration Weekend    

All Ages - Families, Couples, Singles
Aug 3 - Aug 6, 2018
(Fri dinner to Mon breakfast)

The August long-weekend is the best time to get away.  Our annual Celebration Weekend is for people of all ages, including singles, married, and families.  This is the best of all worlds - you get a great mix of relaxation, classic camp fun, access to great waterfront, awesome bible teaching, time to connect with others and you don’t even have to cook for yourself! (Those bringing their own accommodations [tents/trailers] will get a 10% discount)

Click here to download a sample schedule for the weekend

    Early Bird: 2018 Cost:
Teens/Adults    $170 / camper $175 / camper
Children 2 - 12   $140 / camper $145 / camper
Infants 0-1   FREE FREE



Summer Camps - Ages 7 to 17

NOTE: all regular session camps are co-ed



See below for each week's theme and description.

   Week Dates Ages Early Bird * 2018 Cost *
   Session 1 July 1-7 9-15 $ 473.00   $ 478.00  
   Session 2 July 8-14 7-15 $ 473.00   $ 478.00  
   Session 3 July 15-21 7-15 $ 473.00   $ 478.00  
   Session 4 July 22-28 7-15 $ 473.00   $ 478.00  
   Session 5 July 29 - Aug 3 7-15 $ 399.00   $ 405.00  
   Session 6  NEW! Aug 6-11 7-12 $ 399.00   $ 405.00  
   Teen Week Aug 26 - Sep 1 14-17 $ 489.00   $ 405.00  
   LIT July 1-28 16-17 $ 1,655.00   $ 1,695.00  
   LEAP July 29-Aug 11 13-15 $ 1,150.00   $ 1,165.00  
   Explorers - Girls Aug 13-19 9-12 $ 475.00   $ 482.00  
   Explorers - Boys Aug 20-26 9-12 $ 475.00   $ 482.00  

*  NOTE:  All prices are subject to 13% HST.


Session 1   July 1 - 7, 2018
“Power Up!”   (Ages 9-15)

Super Mario Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $473 / camper    
2018 Fee:                $478 / camper



* Note that Sessions 2 - 5 are special weeks where at various times we will have two concurrent programs.  At certain times of the week parts of the program will be geared towards our younger kids at camp while another will run simultaneously for our older kids at camp. This way we can encompass all age groups in one week while ensuring the program is tailored to be age-specific.


Session 2    July 8 - 14, 2018
  (Ages 7-15) **

Indiana Jones Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $473 / camper     
2018 Fee:                $478 / camper



Session 3   July 15- 21, 2018
“Use the Force”   (Ages 7-15) **

Star Wars Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $473 / camper   
2018 Fee:                $478 / camper



Session 4   July 22 – 28, 2018
“The Mystery Through the Wardrobe” (Ages 7-15) **

Narnia Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $473 / camper
2018 Fee:                $478 / camper


Session 5   July 29 – Aug 3, 2018
“Game Show Mania”   (Ages 7-15) **

Game Show Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $399 / camper
2018 Fee:                $405 / camper


NOTE:  While each week may have a significant number of first time campers, we have created Week 6 to be a shortened week, ideal for first time campers to experience camp for the first time and to have a memorable experience.

Session 6   Aug 6 – 11, 2018
“Follow the Yellow Brick Road”   (Ages 7-12)

Wizard of Oz Theme   more details to come

Early Bird Fee:       $399 / camper
2018 Fee:                $405 / camper



Teen Week    Aug 26 - Sept 1, 2018 
Muskoka Drift"  (Ages 14-17)

There is no better way to end off the summer than with Teen Week!  You may have heard that last year's week was packed full of fireworks, random adventures and full of laughs? Well, as usual, this year we are taking things to a whole new level! 

Teen Week does something really well - it takes wild themed-programming and relaxing with friends to create great memories to the next level.  So whether you just chilled all summer, had to work a summer job or got to serve at camp all summer, you can all come together for one awesome end of summer bash!  So while you get a ticket to encounter absolutely craziness and uncertainty, you get access to what really matters – living a life that makes a difference for others as it is rooted in hope that is found in Jesus.

Early Bird Fee:       $489 / camper
2018 Fee:                $493 / camper




Out-Tripping Camp

Explorers  (Ages 9-12)

Girls Only    August 12 – 18, 2018
Boys Only   August 19 – 25, 2018

Explorers has been created as a program to encourage kids to explore and feel safe in the great outdoors!  This is an introductory level out-tripping experience with highly qualified and certified trippers that will involve a basic 5-day canoe trip in which kids will learn about fire making, fun survival skills, proper canoe paddling, team/friendship building, all while also getting to dialogue about faith surrounded by the beautiful creation of rocks, trees and lakes that northern Ontario provides.  The aim of this program is to get kids out of the “concrete jungle”, away from technology, and immersed in face-to-face interaction with peers and camp staff while developing a love for the outdoors and out-tripping.

We will limit the number of campers to just 10 for each week - so register early!

This is a great program if you want your child to truly unplug and gain an appreciation for camping in the outdoors.

Explorers Schedule:

  • Sunday – Arrive and prepare for trip at Camp Kwasind
  • Monday to Friday – Head out on canoe trip
  • Friday afternoon – Arrive back at camp
  • Saturday morning – Pick up at Camp Kwasind

Early Bird Fee:        $475 / camper
2018 Fee:                 $482 / camper




Specialty Camps

NOTE: LIT and LEAP programs are co-ed


L.I.T. ("Leaders-in-Training") 
July 1 – 28, 2018    (Ages 16-17)

Love Camp? Love God? Get ready for these 4 weeks that will be an incredible time that will see you grow immensely in your leadership, encounter Jesus in awesome ways, create friendships that will last a lifetime, and have the opportunity to invest into the lives of campers. Our Leaders In Training Program will prepare you to serve at camp and beyond.  This is one of those “must-do” things of life.

Click here for more details on this program.

Early Bird Fee:       $1,655 / camper   
2018 Fee:                $1,695 / camper



L.E.A.P. *   July 29 – August 11, 2018
(Ages 13-15)

*Learn Skills. Explore Faith. Adventure Based. Personal Growth.

LEAP is a two-week experience for teens ages 13-15: designed to integrate the best of an onsite summer camp program with the addition of a wilderness canoe trip and a few special team building adventures. 

Click here to view further details on this program.

* space is limited.

Early Bird Fee:        $1,150 / camper
2018 Fee:                 $1,165 / camper




Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided* for an additional fee either one-way or round trip.

Pick up / drop-off location is in Toronto at Immanuel Baptist Church, 1100 Finch Ave. E.  (at Don Mills Rd.)

Cost:   $80 each way                  Round Trip (including $40 discount):  $110

Click here for arrival / departure times.

* available both ways for Camper sessions 1-6, LEAP and Teen Week 
not available for LIT or Celebration Weekend



Stayover Between Sessions

If registered for two consecutive sessions, campers have the option to stayover at camp between sessions (Sat afternoon to Sunday afternoon) for an additional fee of $85 (plus tax).



Laundry Services (optional)

If registered for two consecutive sessions, campers have the option to purchase laundry services ($18) to have their clothing washed over the weekend between camp sessions.



Email Services (optional)

Campers have the option of using the BUNK1 camper email service to have their parents, family and friends send some short emails which will be delivered to the campers during the weekly sessions.  In order to cover the cost of printing out emails, we will charge $2 per session for a maximum of 10 emails per camper. 

We do ask for parents' and family discretion in sending emails to campers as it can actually trigger homesickness, not only in other campers who do not receive any mail, but also in the camper him/herself.  We ask that emails are kept short, positive, without stressing how much they are missed or what they are missing at home.  Focus on excitement to hear stories of all the camp activities once they get home from camp will help the camper stay focused on enjoying camp and staying connected with leaders and campmates.

We respectfully request that parents do not leave packages to be delivered to camper during the camp session as cabin leaders find that it disrupts their cabin time with campers, and also triggers homesickness in others.



Discounts and Incentives

Early Bird Incentive                       

If you register and pay at least the $75 non-refundable deposit by January 7, 2018, you will only be charged the 2017 camp fees!


Free T-Shirt Incentive

If you register and pay in full by April 15, camper will receive a FREE 2018 Camp T-shirt when he/she arrives at camp!

Bring-a-Friend Incentive                                   

Any camper who brings a friend (immediate family excluded) who has never been to Camp Kwasind before will receive $25 added to their tuck account this summer!  

When the first-time camper registers, make sure they mention your camper's name so that we can add our $25 thank-you to your account!


Discounts Available                                              
(Camper sessions 1 - 6, Explorers
and Teen Week only)

NOTE:  Only ONE discount can be applied to each weekly session per camper.

First-time Camper Discount
A $50 discount is applicable for any camper who has never attended a Camp Kwasind camp before (applicable on only one camp session.)

Sibling Discount
If you have more than one child (immediate family only) attending a camp session, the second and subsequent children are each eligible for a $50 discount.

Multiple Sessions Discount
If a camper is attending more than one session in the summer, he/she is eligible for a $50 discount on the second and subsequent sessions.


Discounts Available                                               
(Celebration Weekend)                                       

Own Accomodation Discount
Anyone bringing their own tent or trailer is eligible for a 10% discount.  (If registering online, enter the code TENT in the Discount Code field at the top of the Shopping Cart section of the registration.)



Cancellations / Refunds

In the event of a camper needing to cancel a camp session more than two weeks before the start of the session, a refund for payments made will be issued, minus the $75 non-refundable deposit.  Refund can be made either as a credit back to the credit card used for payment (can be processed immediately), or by refund cheque (please allow two weeks for processing.)  PLEASE NOTE:  There are no refunds for cancellations made within two weeks of the start of the camp session.